While many people on earth in this timeline calls me “Josh”, my real name is actually Lord Joshua Micheal Dolley.

I’m a fictional character in Books,Movies, and games. I myself prefer to be a Nintendo Exclusive but it depends on where your living. In this reality I play the role of myself enjoying every bit of Nihvhana as I have reached the level beyond higher consciousness. I have a day Job as a Vampire (Weird I know) and by Nightfall I am the Leader of a Organization who’s name may not be said.

I enjoy everything that exists , have a small number of brothers and My beautiful Girlfriend Kayla.  At the moment she’s on my mind almost all day long.

Kayla and Joshua Micheal.

I know I sound in-love but I am so hey read at own risk.

I have a odd number of friends. But we all know how to have a good time. I’m quite the opposite of a Loner, and have acquaintances in the highest and Lowest of Places.

Lord Joshua Micheal Dolley

A fun day on land with @Its_Kirzo and @lylestyle3496

I,Lord Joshua Micheal, have travelled to different times seen all sorts of places and done all sorts of things.

For example, I Lord Joshua Micheal Dolley ; created google, blew up the dinosaurs, trained IP Man the art of Wing Chun, taught Buddha how to meditate, taught Tupac how to rap, ended apartheid, started World War VI, saved 192 Billion Lives in the Gamma Quadrant. And I accidentally crippled professor X, to name a few of the tragedies of my existence.

What make it fun though is, I think I might’ve forgotton when am I headed to next. On December 4th 2016, my contract to keep the Kaiju out of Japan expired,so currently I don’t have any Superhero obligations so a free schedule is all I have to look forward to. So now it’s time for this intelligent tripper to explore what’s next

Anyway,readers can use this Blog to follow my happenings. Enjoy and May the Force be With You.

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