I’d like to speak about something to you guys. It’s a idea for a sport I just came up with.

The basic principle is to have a GPS in a Ball.

The ball has to make it from one point to the next.

Golf style rules.

The distance between the Starting point and the hole should be city wide. However this can vary.

Whoever gets the ball to the hole with the lowest amount of touches wins.

You are only allowed to touch the ball with the stick/putter.

The ball cannot be picked up by you.

You are to prevent anyone from picking it up.

You will wear a bracelet on your arm which will display a compass aiming at the ball. It will also display the location of the hole and the distance that the hole is positioned.

You are not allowed to touch a cellphone or carry one on your person.

Each Player is allowed 1 Extra Ball

Please remember that this game could result in criminal charges for property damage or trespassing.

Water hazard rules are as follows

The ball may be placed a maximum of 10 meters from the bed of the water body.

It may not be moved closer to the hole at all.

In the case of a sunken ball, the player may retrieve the ball or forfeit the all and use there spare ball.

In the case of a sunken last ball, the player may retrieve it, or forfeit the game.

How I would market this

You can always do a TV/Internet show.

Mount GoPro cameras on the players for footage. Drone shots would be pretty cool aswell.

There are Three Products you can sell for the game.

Hole beacons



That’s my idea. I just came up with it now lol while playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on a PS3

I call it : I-Ball

(Read till the end for the way that You can benefit from this and help make it into a reality).

“I” is obviously used because of the whole ‘I’ character that I control in this dimension. Every moment habit and action is a phase lol.

It’s also a play on the word eyeball.

It can also be said that the I stands for ‘Impossible’.

Another possible name can then be ‘Impassiball’.

That sounds better if it is a co-operative version where Two or more players are allowed to touch the ball. However the same rules will apply,so you’d want to touch the ball as little as possible anyway.

So that was the concept

Now for the Meat and Potatoes

I’m encouraging any being who has read this far to bring this idea from my imagination into reality.

You may use this idea as a legitimate business in any form. I will demand no Financial compensation for it.

I only ask that you Credit me ( Joshua Micheal Dolley / Itslordjoshua and this post as the Innovator of the idea.

Like the Wright Brothers (or Da Vinci or whoever) conceptualizing the airplane

I am a Artist in my own mind. Thinking of Things to think about.

My perception and focus on the present reality, accompanied by a vivid imagination and a constant craving to do something different is what makes my mind so Special to me.

Those factors determine my primary output.

So in summary I give a Large portion of my attention to the current task I am assigned to.

As I do the task I am mindful of my actions ,whilst utilizing the creative function of my imagination use my current perceptions as a possible framework for a new idea.

Once I have completed my objective or personal satisfaction is found I move to a new project and repeat the process.

Those are some of the most distinctive features of my mind that have remained there throughout my current existince.

One thing I really like about my mind is it’s Stoic ways. This accompanied by my Love of Speaking,Listening and Teaching allows me to enjoy the moment and assist others to do so.

Not by telling others to do as I do. But by constantly being acceptive of the moment and the opinions of others.

As I have mentioned before I am a Vampire at a Local Hospital and a Music Producer with JSID sounds.

My Occupation : Talking tales and populating margined pages.

Got me patients conversating. Brought the Pain with on fleek aim

I stop to say ‘It’ll sting’ , needle in a vein causing sensations

Draining DNA from Babe’s and 80’s Ladies Smiling Brave

No scars remain or marks of pain

All Won’t complain or be complacent

Save the day

exchanging favors

Living Lifestyle Broke and Shameless

Giving Lives the Hope to Say this

I Am The Greatest

I have a reason to Live I’m not aimless.
I have the freedom to give coz I made it

I gotta Smile on my face I ain’t faked it

Thank God I made it.

Okay so this entire post was freestyle and I am working in a few hours.

I have to wake up in This reality for work in about 4 hours.

I think my mind felt it just wanted to say it’s say I mean I started by conceptualizing ‘I-Ball/Impassiball’ on the spot then all of a sudden I digress to talk about myself and rhyme

My mind does enjoy introspection.

It allows me to see the things I am not good at, and to improve on them at the prescribed moment.

It also allows me to observe my:

preferences, opinions, habits, knowledge base, emotional range+intelligence+awareness, Skillset, interactive occurrences, Mental Narrative, Thought Journal, Cravings, responses in dialogues, pre-meditated actions, daydreams, humorous internal dialogue, control over empty matter[mentifary in a blank space on your wall or a page or your hand etc], choice of sensory focus[Visual,Audible,Tangible], Gait, Posture, frequent thoughts, actions influenced and there sources, decision making response time and effectiveness, and of course my accent.

In conclusion

Remember that you are a Genius

You are not your thoughts

Be mindful of your thoughts for they can dictate your words and actions.

What you say and do influences how you are perceived by others

Be confident with yourself and feel free to do regular introspection.

Only by knowing yourself can you know what you are capable of.

Acknowledge that everyone has there own existences and that they are not there opinions.

Only a hypocrite will expect acceptance without accepting others

Smile more often.

It doesn’t cost much,and it may save someone’s life

Have a Nice Day.

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