Phaneron Update

Every so often I like to spend a moment on Pondering my existence.

We are two things

  1. A sum of moments, forces and influences.
  2. A force, influence and contributer in the moment.

These are the factors which determine existence. If both variables stated does not reflect you then we are honoured to have a Amnesiac Ghost in the audience.

For the unaware in the audience Phaneron is your current existence.

Theres a little faith inside you that has so far ensured you that you are real.

It is all the constructs we perceive, all the laws which we abide by, and everything we believe we are certain or uncertain about.

Simply put, it is whatever is going on in your mind at any time in any way.

Think about it this way.

How do we truly know what happens everytime our eyes are shut? You don’t.

We are aware of what can happen at that time if we close our eyes. We are aware that should we close our eyes, time will still pass as normal. We are aware that should we close our eyes, we will still be in the same place once we open our eyes.


**(I’m about to go conspiracy theorist up in this piece. Whatever I say next is purely hypothetical and cannot be taken as evidence.)

What if at certain points in time when we closed our eyes we were transported into a alternate dimension.

Let’s Take these things into account.

  • It is a nigh on perfect replica of our previous dimension.
  • Only one variable is altered which may or may not be made known to us at any given point throughout our visit there.
  • We carry all the data we had in the previous dimensions with us.
  • Some moments we lived through in our previous dimension might not have occured in this one yet. When it does occur in the dimension we reside in we perceive it as Deja vü.

Another possibility could be that right before we opened our eyes, everything was created.

  • Before we opened our eyes we did not exist.
  • Every thought we have and everything we believed had not been formed.
  • The circumstances we are in and the fabric of our reality was only put into conception and crafted to perfection 3 seconds before we opened our eyes. That was of course when time was allowed to be included in our existence.
  • The thought of disbelief, and our internal commentary, telling us that what we are reading is pure nonsense , was put there by our writer inorder for us to just be accepting of this fact and continue in the reality programmed by our writer a mear jiffy before we perceived the light when we opened our eyes.

This is an example of something that can exist in one’s Phaneron.

Our perception of the very moment. Our trubrary of iniversal laws and knowledge. The body of matter in which we are mobile. The thoughts we encounter whilst we travel this dimension.

Or think of it this way

Elon Musk believes that we exist in a simulation. His belief cannot be proven nor can it be proved false.

The possibility of the above-mentioned activity occurring might seem impossible to some of us. But we can be assured that the Phenomenon cannot be disproven with facts.

Some of us (depending on the time we’re in) once believed certain truths. Only to later believe that our truths are not as we believed them to be.

Let us ask ourselves in the meantime.

Answer the following questions out loud or on a page before scrolling to view the comment

Question 1.

Is everything we perceive real?

Random words so you don’t get to read the answer immediately

If your answer is no then you are correct.

If your answer is yes you are incorrect.

The argument:

For obvious reasons let us take into account the belief that we also possess and perceive our own imagination.

What we imagine may not always be real.

However it is possible to replicate something we imagine in some way or another. The automobile was once only a figment of someone’s imagination.

In Conclusion

After processing the above-mentioned, let us be mindful of our existence.

Shoutout to Soroptimist

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