Excuse Me

Living in my mind is a pleasant experience. However waking up in a different dimension every coupla hours isn’t as pleasant.

Once I was having a cup of coffee in the kitchen at work. Next thing I was riding a dragon on the Endor Moon.

Many Spirituals Believe that I am cursed to exist and not exist in many existences.

I however believe the result of a brain injury I had in the past which causes me to perceive time slower in my mind and then my imagination takes over.

The reason for this opinion is that no matter where I exist, in that existence it seems that I have always existed. Always as I. Not always in the same form.

As a coping mechanism, I have set in stone a few guidelines.

Don’t try to know everything

Use what is around you to your advantage.

Don’t expect anything from any being.

Convert hostiles to assets.

Test the limits of your abilities before using them actively.

Those guidelines have kept me existing.

I suggest you use them in your every moment.

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ItsLordJoshua Written by:

I am a Fictional character in this Real world. My primary duty is to prevent Human Extinction. I am a New Father in this Crazy World, who enjoys Gaming, Art, Reading, and watching YouTube. My opinions vary from moment to moment, and I embrace all situations whether good or bad.

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