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This current moment is the sum of the past.

A moment that could best describe that quote I think I came up with right now is when you sitting and listening to Shadows of Tomorrow by MadVillian.

In this song Lord Quas explains to you that today is the future of yesterday and tomorrow’s past. I started playing it when I was about 3 minute’s deep into this long overdue post. It stopped playing about two songs ago.

In this way,the reference was describing a past moment, which then was distributed into present in a mp3 frequency and delivered to your eyes in the future.

If you knew the song then the reference would’ve allowed you to reminisce on underground hip hop nostalgia.

If you did not know this song then the reference has two capabilities in your Phaneron

  1. To be completely useless and remain dormant in your subconscious until it is hatched as a forgotten afterthought one day.
  2. To persuade your current circumstances into allowing you to listen to this track.

On the odd occasion we daydream and ask ourselves where would we be in the next five years.

Where are we now?

Quai Gon Jin said to ‘be mindful of the past,but not at the expense of the present’.

Sometimes were so deep into planning a uncertain future that we forget to Enjoy the Present which is basically guaranteed to us.

We believe the illusion that if we do that one thing then everything will be fine. Constantly in search of something that will satisfy the abyss.

What You see around you is what your experiencing right now. Right now consists of the current moment.

That current moment is now in the past. A thought which remains etched on a cloud. It is something we just read. Past tense.

However in the future moment which will be now our eyes might look up at that past text which they read before.

You just time travelled and predicted the future.

This post is being written in my present and will be viewed by you in the relevant timelines where this moment exists.

If I don’t publish this post however. . .

Then You

Do Not


This current moment is the sum of the past

Hope You enjoyed the post.

In Memoriam of Soroptimist 1921-1996

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