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I don’t know what to type tonight.

If ever you thought I knew everything, I don’t know what to type right now.

I don’t know what day it is or what year it is. I don’t know where I am or where I came from.

I know who I am. I just don’t know my Circumstances right now.

Am I in some Hyperbolic Time Chamber type of State where I exist outside of the normal plane of Time. Am I in the Null Void like in Ben 10 Trapped until I find a way to escape?

If there is a way to escape, will I want to find it? Or should I should I just enjoy my Time here and go Carpe Diem on it. Ensuring that I indulge and seek Pleasure until I am obligated to leave.

At my 12 o’clock I see a Sheet of Darkness. I am baptized in a Ocean of Space without any Photons.

The Ability to Visualize and manipulate what I see was one I acquired during my Existence in My 1993-Present State.

The boredom of existing with Only Myself and Darkness Freed me enough to use my Mentifary to Put Photons where I saw none.

I didn’t know how long I was gonna be there. What will be my means of escape and Where Exactly Am I?

Those questions weren’t on my mind.

Instead I just focused and Got Amped about Existing without Existence.

My Boredom freed me.

I stared into the Null Void and Manifested my thoughts as Words before my eyes whenever I spoke.

I couldn’t tell the difference between What I was Narrating in my Head and What I was Saying.

I turned my thoughts into Photons Around me which created a Jumbled feeling feul filled Montage of Memories Thoughts and Imagination.

Every second surrounded by sights of scales you cannot fathom.

Being able to not just See what I thought of, But experience it.

But my thoughts we’re as I said Jumbled. There was no true form of focus accept what I thought which might be what your Reading Right Now.

Are You just reading what I’m thinking Or is this A Video game?

I’m probably in a Movie?



I forgot where I was by being overwhelmed by my Own thoughts and Manifestations in this State of Existing in Nothing but Darkness.

I stole A train of Thought from the Eastern Graute Overpass.

I pulled All and everything I experienced Toward my 1 o’clock and turned it into a Little Brain. A Brain with every fold having different states of me living in and on it.

I moved the Brain to my 12 a clock at a Human scale Horizontal Level.

The Brain was assisted by my random Thunkings to Become me. The Lord Joshua from that Comic I wrote.

Well I’m getting pretty tired and I’m with my friends sitting on a table and thinking that your real while they play Mobile Games and we Don’t consume any marijuana,wink wink.

Goodnight my Audience. You we’re Quiet tonight😂. But I understand you were like WTF all the time surely😂. If your Real.

I crafted Manifestation of My

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I am a Fictional character in this Real world. My primary duty is to prevent Human Extinction. I am a New Father in this Crazy World, who enjoys Gaming, Art, Reading, and watching YouTube. My opinions vary from moment to moment, and I embrace all situations whether good or bad.

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