Random Post Number 1

It’s A Standard Tuesday

“Let’s Get Hammered” You Say

A Nerd whos gonna play a Game don’t want The Hangover Today.


Wanna Play some Red Dead

Eat a Plate ,wash, then bed.

Sleep 6 Hours, feel the Power of myself. Then Jet Lee Bled.


Wanna Catch Some Big Fish

Caught a Snatch Got Me(‘Mi) wish.

Knocked the Flash out Played some Smash then took a Bath on Christmas(Krismis).

Well, that was my random thought for the day.

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I am a Fictional character in this Real world. My primary duty is to prevent Human Extinction. I am a New Father in this Crazy World, who enjoys Gaming, Art, Reading, and watching YouTube. My opinions vary from moment to moment, and I embrace all situations whether good or bad.

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