Damn I’m Good. Car Freestyle finally Posted to Instagram

Its Time to release the Cracken…

This is the the final clip Edit I made for my instagram account since it has never been uploaded there before. Its by Far the Best Edit of this Amazing Car Freestyle I done. The Original video has been recorded by Lyle Louis

Warning, This video contains flashing Images and may Cause seizures.

Freestyle King

Creating This Clip showed me more about my current potential. So I’m gonna give it my go to become a Online Influencer. Lets Do This. Here comes the random YouTube Vids and the Instagram Posts with me doing random things that only I would do.

Bet You didn’t think of this cliip as a Ad. Just a Spur of the moment thought but, if you are at all Interested in Letting me edit a Video for you, please contact me. I could make it Look Good and You can Throw a couple of Bucks my way.

This clip will be uploaded to instagram tomorrow afternoon. And what a glorius  Ceremony it will be.

Talent Tuesday

Now i know this song has no Catchy Sing along chorus or A Gucci Gang Lil Pump Bad case of the Earworm kind of thing but what it does have is RawCreativity. It was a Normal Tuesday night, and me and my crew was chilling at MacDonalds. We were all Freestyling and recording our freestyles.

On another Tuesday night I was chilling with my Consiglieri and he was watching videos of all our recordings when He found that clip. We both listened to how dope I was freestyling and I knew this would be a Epic Clip.

The Clip was released earlier this year on My Blog and on facebook. This was More than a Year after It was recorded. Now finally I have Edited the Clip to add some Branding and transitions to make it look cool.

See You tomorrow

Anywho tell me how You like it By visiting instagram and Following me. Leave  A comment when it releases tomorrow. at 16:30 South Africa  Time.


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