Dr Randal Shakur

If there was one Doctor in Blank City that knew how to Heal not just your body but your soul, it was The Greediest One. The Phantom Maker. The Uncredible. The One who made you Smile. He’s name was Doctor Randal Shakur.

Now after A long Day there’s something you might need. Whether it’s motivation to study or the necessity to stay awake for a Party. Or the lack of appetite inorder to lose those extra pounds. Or the feeling of escaping the Real World to get to that plane of existence where you can purchase imagination Rocks and Fairy Dust.

Fortunately, the things we need can all be found in one thing :


Many Years ago back when I helped design the Mayan Pyramids people were special. Not everyone though. There were special people who had amazing abilities like

  1. “communicating” with the Gods.
  2. Travelling through time and space whilst there bodies remained on Earth.
  3. Healing the entire neighborhood.
  4. Brewing Special Potions which can do any number of things.
  5. Brewing Poisons.

Back then we used to call them sorcerers , Shaman and Priests,Witches Warlocks and Wizards. When law’s restricted magic users throughout Europe, The Special ones, including Myself had to find different ways to appear normal. One of these ways was to become, a Doctor.

Well, Doctors today are competely different. But they can still make you feel amazing by Pumping you with Chemicals. Here comes your Adderol, and your medical Marijuana. Your Cocaine for the “work” the dentist is doing to your teeth, some people apparently come to the dentist five times a week. Yip these Doctors can fulfill your needs. Doctor Randal Shakur was one of them. His been doing this since ’83

Two things that I use to get from his dad Doctor Robert Shakur in the 60’s was Qualudes and Lysergic Diamethyl Acid. In Dimension 14$12 Me and Doctor Robert created a Wonder Drug called ‘Mellow’ which came in the form of a Inhaler. On the Holster there was a Unique drawing, and no Holster was the same which made collecting them because of my Fame in Blank City even more Valuable. In the Box you also have a leaflet with the instructions for use and the warnings. The instructions were as follows

  1. Before first dose insure that you are completely sober so as to be able to understand the following instructions.
  2. Have a Trip Sitter (someone who will remain sober), to monitor your intake and assist you in enjoying the Fun.

The Slider on the front allows for one to set from 1 to 10 the strength of the dose. Fortunately, one cannot overdose on Mellow*( as per A Study done At Blank City University) With Each setting having a different effect

One is for uppers

Two is for downers

Three is to Roll your boat

Four is for Mellow

Five you see Yellow

Six You’ll be Flying Goats

Then your in Heaven

Till you press seven

where you’ll see time turn back

Press Eight and you’ll be

Playing Life with Cheats

Unlocking Every Map

Remove the Boundary

Of Reality

And Explore Everything

See past and future

As if it’s sewtcherd

Get Your Fingers Tingling

If you ever press nine

You’ll never be fine

Forgetting who you are

You’ll be a Palm tree

A Eagle flying free

Then Your Your sitters car

Finally press ten

You won’t be human

Accessing your whole brain

You’ll be like Lucy

Dance on frequencies

And finally leave this Plane

At this Crazy Level

You’ll meet your Devils

Then you’ll face all your fears

You’ll know everything

Creatively you’ll sing

Put your sitters to tears

Confident Rainbows

Fly out Your Face hole

Yes Your the Parties Life

Tell amazing Stories

Fight Hordes of Enemies

Be a Billionaire for the night

When This dose Hits You

You’ll solve Your Issues

Even after its gone

It makes you smarter

Bake Cakes Make Art Work

Also right every wrong

Connect Synapses

Have Seven Senses

Live within A Notebook


Pupil Dilation

Control all routes you took

Those are the Effects

Of All Mellows Twists

You can turn on the Dial

Yes it will free You

You’ll see what is true

And Have Reasons to Smile


Mellows effects can last up to Four Hours per Dose.

Below the crazy jingle and some more instructions was some of the effects you could feel whilst on Mellow, Good and Bad.

These ranged from small stuff like dried mouth, to four hour long Comas where you are unable to wake up until the effects wore of after three to four hours.

Mellow still exists in Dimension 14$12.

It’s the 44th most Powerful Narcotic A Human Can use in any dimension.

But we’re in Dimension 33#17x and over here I’m a simple Vampire with only a Few Abilities. Over Here Doctor Robert and I never met, instead he met a World Famous Band who ended up making a song about him.

Doctors Robert Shakur’s son Doctor Randal Shakur, was about to change Blank City forever. With his Latest Chemical Compound…

Yes the story of Doctor Randal Shakur might not be entirely told Today. But,the Trippy tales have only begun

To be continued…

In no way does Itslordjoshua.com or any of its affiliates, contributors and partners encouraging the use of drugs.

Trippy Tales posts are completely fictional and Any Resemblance to people or likenesses in Reality is completely Coincidental.

If you battle with drug abuse please contact your physician.

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