Candy Flip Pt One

Imagine a world where you imagine yourself imagining weird things that can only be your imagination imagining a world you’ve never imagined before.

That is not even close to the sensations one can have when Candy Flipping.

Imagine yourself imagining yourself walking through a door. Behind the door there is a thing you’ve never seen before. A sight so mystical you’d need imaginary abilities to perceive even a mellimeter among a fourteen ton fragment of it. Then your frying eggs in a beautiful pan you bought for your wife. You cracked another egg above the flaming hot stove set to six on hopes to see a white and yellow delicacy splat across the black and blue beautiful pan.

Instead you got a tiny blue Ninja who summer salted out of the egg. The Ninja stared at you  in slow motion as he jumped out of the pan and on your nose. He’s round blue eyes reminded you  of the narcotics you consumed earlier the evening. And just before you can question the legitimacy of the Ninja’s existence it fades to become the very blue sky you are staring at right now. You realized that you made those eggs about three hours ago and you were having a mere flashback. Now it’s confusing I know because like how did that memory feel as if it was happening now and why is that memory distorted?

Your just tripping  

But you only believe your tripping when you think about what is happening now. And how can you describe what is happening in this moment when your still trying to fathom the phenomenon of the last moment. You remain in awe for a whole ten minutes knowing who you are and ignoring any relevance you have in this world because all you are is a part of everything all around you which is the world which is what you perceive which is what you imagine. You are tripping.

The Tide you has pulled you in.

But you are not about to drown I assure you,you are just laying on the grass in the park. Why are you alone? I thought I told you that whenever you candy flip you should be accompanied by a Trip Sitter or a Handler.  Without a Handler you could DIE!!. Your still alive though and I’m sure your enjoying this trip so just feel the good vibrations.

Nobody around you understands why your so happy. But trust me they know your on something. Its as clear as the sky is blue. Your not concerned about what others think though. Your only real concern is whether you’ll ever be normal again. Eight Hours into your trip and now your questioning your sanity. Your talking to yourself about whether or not you are really sitting down.

Did you just smoke a cigarette or should you smoke another? Am I thirsty? Are you thirsty? Who is that figure in the distance and why is it calling my name?

The Tide has pulled you in. And now you realize that You are bigger than all your problems because they don’t really exist. And neither do I.

I am a figment of your imagination.


Please note the use of narcotics is not recommended to anyone and this is simply a post for entertainment.

If you battle with substance abuse please contact your physician.

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