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A while back on a planet not so far away lived a Elf. Well he was very short too so he would’ve been a elf if he was born on Earth at that time. He might not have had the pointy ears or the intelligence of a elf, not was he as hard working or as strong as a dwarf. But for the sake of this tale we will reference him as a Elf.  He went by the Name Deokar.

Deokar was a Miner,working on some of the tunnels on the 3rd moon of the planet Vegnastior 4. His father Grantru baked the sweetest numtsa in the entire solar system. If there was one thing that Deokar wanted for lunch and supper every night and day it was numtsa. But it was far from time to go home and Deokar had to work today.Today he and he’s colleagues would be digging deeper than they ever dug before. This story seems to be dragging I know but all in good time dear all in good time.

While I changed the audio on my earphones to dubstep this story suddenly made a drastic turn from fantasy adventure to hard core fucking action.

Deokar dug and he dug and he dug until he hit something. He knew knew he had hit something because his Ruk shook with a hard bass booming vibration like when a shovel knocks a Solid Rock at full speed. His colleagues knew he hit something when they heard the roar of something you earthlings will never get to see unless you really travel.

Deokar could do nothing but drop his Ruk and Scream 2 Words.

“Holy Shit”

He had hit the face of a Ground Mole.

A ground mole aint scary right?

Well on any of Vegnastior’s Moons a Ground Mole is about 12 feet tall and has 32 rows of teeth. If you think the mouth of a shark is scary you aint seen nothing yet. If you saw this thing and survived you would have story’s to tell your kids for the next 70 years. Unless cancer or cholesterol gets you. Should you look at a ground mole for longer than two seconds straight you would need a change of pants and I am not kidding.

Thakrius, who was the Captain of Deokar’s team Always carried a PML and this time it came in handy. ( A PML is short for a Pocket Missile Launcher)

However. Thakrius was two things :

  1. A asshole and
  2. A fucking near sighted foureyes, who was useless with a damn PML or RPG.

Thakrius whipped out the PML with a speed faster than Yosemite Sam ever could sling a gun. He fired the PML aiming at the Mole. And as you probably already guessed, The idiot who probably only became captain because he’s Mom slept her way up to to Team Manager missed the damn Mole as if he was aiming for the moon.

You might have expected a Happy ending. But The Mole killed them all violently and devoured the entire team.

They all died. Including the Mole because Numtsa is poisonous to Moles.

I know this is a sad story,but it is a true story. I saw it all when I was asked to review the security footage, and to kill all the remaining ground moles in those tunnels.

That was the duty bestowed upon me that month.

———The Word Bestow  was bestowed upon me today———



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