A Terrible Ending

Word of the Day: Vague

I personally think that they should’ve been more specific. But okay lets see what I can roll out today.

When I think of the thoughts I thought when I thought of thinking of this, I thought that it would be weird to say that out loud. It might even sound crazy. However the Term Crazy is a relatively vague term.

Please keep one thing in mind : Everyone’s Perspective is Different

Crazy‘ means ‘Mad‘ and ‘Mad‘ means  ‘Mentally Ill or insane‘ and since ‘Mentally Ill‘ has no definition let us define and analyse the word ‘insane

The definition of the word insane as defined by Google(my only trusted resource) is and I quote

“in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction”

Now that we have our answer I want us to all think of this from our own unique perspectives. The term ‘normal’ means ‘ to standard,typical or as expected’ but if everyone sees Life differently then what is normal perception?

So if everyone has a different perspective and is in a different state of mind and has different patterns and behaviour and different social interactions then can we say that none of us or all of us Are normal either normal or insane?

So if were all insane then I think it is clear that we are all mentally Ill and that makes us all crazy and we sit with this one Ultimatum


Everyone Being different makes the Entirety of humanity either Normal or Crazy.

There simply is no in between by this definition

Therefore,when referring to the term “Crazy”…

There is nothing Vague about it



My first attempt at the daily prompt is complete.

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