Sluice 1- Escape: These are Your thoughts


There she was sitting on the recliner without a doubt in mind about how she’d  escape or get us out of here. Comfortable,Relaxed,Lazy, You’d say she was more of a sloth than chilled.


It’s like when you get your grannie a new hearing aid and the thing bothers you with its high pitch all day long. This is why you should move out. But no, instead you sit there watching her watch Soap Operas, eating a pre-packed TV Dinner and listening to the sounds Of That hearing aid. It bothers the crap out of you. You go to the kitchen and take a Xanax,or two, or four before escaping back to oblivion.  She finds it interesting how you could just lay there and say nothing.  At least now your numbed up.


You lost all ability to focus on whats in front of you. I mean your eyes are after all just a means of letting you know whats happening now. But is whats  happening now really important? I mean who needs the present , Who needs the TV Dinners and the Soap Operas? Who needs the home cooked meals? What you really seek is to find what your looking for.An escape. And you know just where to find it don’t you?


Pills Potions and What we call Love

I mean that’s all we need right?  Only the blind require what pleases the eyes. It’s those with open eyes who seek what doesn’t really matter. What matters most to you of course is escaping isn’t it?

Voluntary Slavery 

You claim to be fine when everyone asks. Wake up to go to work and five minutes in you wish you were at home. Go to the Staff room, make yourself some coffee to hype you up. And the only true reason you want coffee is because you want coffee right? Are you serious?

Monday is here and like that stripey feline who loves pasta we hate Mondays right? Yet here we are and God knows we say thing’s like “can 5 o’clock get here already” to our colleagues as we complain as a Hive of Ants. Except we don’t hear ants complain,the same way our boss doesn’t here us complain right? As if they can hurt us. You can’t go pee now coz there’s too much work to do. You can eat when it’s your designated time to eat.  Who are you to complain I mean atleast you get paid right?

But when you do get Paid that isn’t mearly enough to satisfy your want’s or needs. Even when we hold a higher position in the organization we still don’t get paid enough right?

But when  Friday arrives you run From work as if it Were Jason himself chasign you.

All You truly seek in life is to escape.

Don’t let this be your life.

Dont be a Robot

Draw your own conclusions.




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I am a Fictional character in this Real world. My primary duty is to prevent Human Extinction. I am a New Father in this Crazy World, who enjoys Gaming, Art, Reading, and watching YouTube. My opinions vary from moment to moment, and I embrace all situations whether good or bad.

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