Falling from a 2000ft skyscraper you realize that landing might not be the best thing you can do on Valentine’s day. All the red around town reminds you of what may just be your blood about to scatter all around the pavement. You may just die a beautiful death which had you thinking about all sorts of things. Like how hot hell must be. And do they even have place for a person like you? I mean your not the worst person in the World even despite all the horrible things you’ve done throughout your years. But your not the most morally correct person in the world either.  How could this happen to you. Is it not true that bad things happen to bad people? But your not bad. Your convinced that your quite good I mean you’ve done a reasonable amount of good deeds in your life, right?  

Think about it… I mean if you didn’t do much good you wouldn’t have made it this far. But what good have you done? And what does  good actually mean?

You start to define your perception of good and then you think about it. Good means when something goes in your favor right? Well when something goes in your favor does it not go against the favor of someone else? Think about it. 

 Your walk into your house and find Cockroaches running all around what do you do? Have the house fumigated right? That’s good. But is it good  for the cockroach?

Wait …  

 Weren’t you busy falling from a 2000ft skyscraper? 

If you jumped down with the intention to fall and die, and you survived, would it be a good thing? Or would it be bad?

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ItsLordJoshua Written by:

I am a Fictional character in this Real world. My primary duty is to prevent Human Extinction. I am a New Father in this Crazy World, who enjoys Gaming, Art, Reading, and watching YouTube. My opinions vary from moment to moment, and I embrace all situations whether good or bad.

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