Deck the Halls: A JSID Christmas

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

So it’s 6 days after my 112th Birthday. On the night of my Birthday my wife and I went to the BayWest Mall to see Joker.

We ordered Thai tongkatsu Linguine for Dinner. Take away. She ordered hers standard I had mine hot & spicy. She was satisfied with a fork I asked for Chopsticks.

It was the first time in a while that Kayla and I had gone on a date without Zahria or one of our Friends, so we could finally be ourselves.

During the meal Kayla and I could be completely honest with each other. We discussed the current troubles in our lives as individuals, and the issues we faced together as a couple. I believe I might’ve been the first man to tell a woman that the reason they win every argument is because they bring up the past.

We watched the movie and much to my surprise I was impressed by the works of DC.

The Santa Claus display was gaurded by rails and I needed to climb over them to sit on his chair. I done the illegal and Kayla took a picture of me. This photo would spark what was to come…

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