The Mind Trap(Article EZ16B)

Stare at Something

After these instructions a line of hyphens(—) will be your indicator to execute said instructions.

  • Look to a Blank Space right before you.
  • Focus your eyes on said space
  • While staring at the space and without moving your eyes notice everything within your field of vision.
  • You can see everything.



If you did not do what was instructed then please do so before moving on.

Have you ever attempted to attempt to use your peripheral vision consciously?

Our brains use our peripheral vision as stimuli to make itself aware of things we ‘notice’ and dangers in our surrounding.

We never really notice that we have this ability. Until we notice it.

So it is the same with anything we experience. We notice that beings like us can walk so once we know how to we walk.

Once we know that beings like us can do something, we can; by means of learning how to do so, do that same thing.

There are things we can do which seem impossible or Sci Fi to those who are unaware that we can do so.

One example from my own Phaneron and abilities I can speak of is the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming.

To the unknowing Lucid dreaming might seem fictional. To the experienced it is no different than seeing a movie. Even though this seems ‘special‘ ,it is a simple skill which by practice and learning how to do so can be executed by anyone.

Sidebar: If your interested in learning more about how to Lucid Dream without the Mumbo Jumbo using proven methods, Read The Phase. After 4 years of using my own methods of Lucid Dreaming I came across this book and utilized it’s methods to improve my skill exponentially.

It is a ordinary human ability which our subconscious is aware of like running, jumping, climbing or using your imagination(logic) to come up with a idea.

Our Minds and Bodies are capable of doing more than we currently know it can.

We have many more abilities used by our bodies without us noticing. Our Brain is the organ which regulates our behaviour, thoughts and actions subconsciously.

It hosts knowledge, memories, skills and everything we ever perceived or thought of.

Our Brain is a Organ no more significant than our eyes or skin. They share a common purpose to defend our way of Life.

When you feel pain your body feels the pain right? And our minds cause us to feel this pain via a complex network of neurons and reacts accordingly.

Every part of The Vessel we reside in will attempt its best to protect its well being and survive. It will react to stimulus and seek means of satisfying it’s needs and wants.

The Crazy thing is we are beyond what we reside in.

We are not our Body and Mind. It is the beautiful creation that God has given us to reside in.

The Opinions formed throughout our awareness which we keep are mostly constructions of our mind. It keeps our mental state intact. When our opinions are questioned or disproven our ego will do whatever it takes to protect its well being.

It will make us get angry or upset or happy or whatever according to its stimuli.

We are more than our opinions thoughts beliefs and decisions.

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