Taking a Magic Leap

Above you see the future…

Now although I type this post on a device called a smartphone, in about ten years they would all be things of the past. 

The thing about smartphones is that all the information remains on the screen and we enter real information into it. With applications such as Pokemon Go we can some how mix digital elements into reality. The problem though or rather the current one is that with smartphones the digital elements are restricted to the side on the screen. . . 

Imagine a World Without Screens…
Enter the mixed reality Headset…

My favorite mixed reality headset for the past few years has been Microsoft’s HoloLens. HoloLens saw a portable device not tethered to anything which spacially mapped the environment and mixed digital holograms into it. The issue was however that it was bulky, but not too much of a issue. Its based on Windows 10 operating system and is rather amazing. But at a cost of $3000 for the developers edition it’s cost is rather a eye opener and renders the system as “not consumer friendly” as the general public cannot afford it. 
Microsoft Hololens in action

Enter Magic Leap.

Now today this system was unveiled to the world. Known as the Lightwear headset it is smaller and appears to be much more consumer friendly and easier to accept in society. Although a three component system, with the headset connected to the computer with wires in our wireless world, I’d much rather wear that on my head than the Bulky Hololens.

With the design of the Lightwear built to be lightweight and comfortable to carry, this looks like the mic better option so let us discuss what I’ve learnt about the headset today and do some minor comparisons to my own smartphone (which is not much to brag about as it is the Huawei Honor 6 lite).
That’s where I put my Screen.

With Smartphones we have one screen at a time, we have the option of split screen multitasking on our newer Android Devices and foldable phones courtesy of ZTE and the soon to be Released Samsung X. We even have the option of sharing our screens to our Larger screens wirelessly with Mirrorshare and with Samsungs Dex.

But we’re still restricted to holding the screen in our hands so to say…

Now let me put this into perspective for you. Imagine taking a piss in the bathroom as I am now while I use my right hand to type, except inside the toilet you’ve got a screen playing game of Thrones…

You then go to the lounge and continue watching  Shameless  like you were earlier on. Your girlfriend is sitting on her couch and she’s looking up at the ceiling watching the latest episode of her favourite animé. You know this because she told you that that is what she’s doing, but you only see a hologram if the solar system when you look up at the ceiling… And she doesn’t see you watching Shameless either… You’ve got a 60” screen in your bedroom that you’ve being doing that spreadsheet on all week. But when visitors come the screen isn’t there and the only screen you really have is the little 40″ FHD LG cinema 3D TV you bought 10 years ago… 

This is what Magic Leap brings to the table. The ability to lay screens anywhere in your environment. It also remembers where you put it… Get the Picture… For me that is my personal favourite Part… 

Gaming without Borders.

When Pokemon Go first came to South Africa everyone was walking around the hospital swiping there screens with there phones pointed at a Patient Who was confused and staring in shock… I remember my one colleague with his phone aimed and the floor trying to catch ekans… 

Now imagine playing a first person shooter where the zombies are roaming around your house and you have to shoot the shit out of them. Mixed reality in the scale of Hololens and magic leap allows Holograms to interact with the spacial environment which allows for gaming on a much more grander scale…

Now I’m tired and I have to go to bed but if you want more information check out the sources…

I didn’t even do any editing of this draft I apologize but I’m working at 6am tomorrow morning and it’s already 8:51pm so I must catch the bus to Dreamland… Goodnight and Happy Tripping…

For info on Magic Leap click here

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