The Mind Trap

Throughout History many wars have been fought over a simple thing: Identity

The Purpose of this Page is

  • to show you who I am,
  • who I will become
  • And anything that goes through my mind comes onto paper here

Here you’ll learn a number of things. From how to build a Rocket ship to how to understand 42.

Here you can enjoy many short stories of my adventures throughout all existence.

Also reviews of Movies,Books,Games and anything that I like. From my neutral perspective.

Many of my Posts are extremely Controversial so please read with a open mind and be sure to leave your opinion on the comments are. Please respect the comments of other readers and Enjoy every post



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Lil Dicky and Snoop Dog

Word of the Day Elaborate See if you can find it in the video and comment the timestamp when you do. This is a music video by Snoop Dog and Lil Dicky. Enjoy  


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